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Once you create an account and book your first session you will be given a client login and remote access credentials to our facility within 24hrs.
  • Clients and guests must be 18 years of age or older to use our Facility
  • Guests are required to sign the online GUEST WAIVER prior to entering the Gym.
  • Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.
  • Must wear appropriate gym attire including a shirt and closed-toe shoes.
  • Use a workout towel at all times and wipe down equipments after use.
  • Do not drop any weights and return all weights and exercise equipment after use.
  • No food or drinks allowed except water.
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol are not allowed on premises.
  • Inform Meta Gym Studios management at immediately if you see any safety hazard or equipment that needs repair.
  • Immediately report any injuries at Call 911 for any emergency.
  • Leave valuables at home. Meta Gym Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Report any unsafe or inappropriate behavior, including theft or vandalism to the property to management at
  • Members or guests who do not abide by these rules may be asked to leave and will have their gym access suspended.
  • Failure to leave the facility on time after your scheduled reservation will result in additional charges and may revoke your future access to our facility if it’s a recurring incident.

Yes, you can bring your trainer plus one friend or family member. They are required to sign the online GUEST WAIVER prior to your private session at the gym.

Absolutely! Trainers are all welcome to bring up to two clients during their private session at no additional cost.

No. We don’t offer any membership or long-term commitment. You can buy as many or as few sessions as you like.

The gym has an hourly reservation, however you can book as many hours as you need based on availabilities.

Note: Please designate the last 10 minutes of your reservation to re-racking weights , wiping down, sanitizing used equipment and leaving the gym in a timely manner for the next reservation. 

Meta Gym Studios is an hourly reservation facility, you can cancel your session 48 hours in advance any cancellation within the 48 hours you will be charged for the scheduled session.

Yes you can! Reserve as many hours as you like. 

No. For safety and liability purposes only persons 18 and above are allowed in the facility.

Once your scheduled session is booked and confirmed your private access to gym is generated and sent to your account. You can then present your phone at the card reader or leave it in your pocket and simply wave at the reader to gain access!

Not a worry, please ring the doorbell located directly above the access reader panel and we will provide manual access for you.

You can reach us with any comments or questions at and someone from our staff will get back to you within 48 hours.

To rent the private gym studio it cost (non-member pricings)

Single Open Gym Pass $32

Six Open Gym Pass $180

Twelve Open Gym Pass $336

Sixteen Open Gym Pass Sessions $640

Yes. The single, 6 and 12 open gym passes are to be booked 30 days in advance and expire in 30 days. The 16 open gym pass can be booked 90 days in advance and expires in 90 days.

All payments are taken online. Once you have your client account login credential you will be able to purchase your sessions directly from there. 

No but we do offer additional services for Private Fitness Training through MoFitness360 to learn more please visit our Personal Training package page.